What do libertarians have to say about freedom of speech?

Libertarians believe that freedom of speech should be the bedrock of any society. It is when individuals participate actively in the marketplace of ideas, that progress and intellectual development occurs. As such, individuals like Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng should not be prosecuted under law, however controversial their public statements.

There is no such thing as the “right not to be offended”. In a free society, even controversial, hateful remarks will be openly aired, and tolerated. Far better for such speech to be aired in the light of day, exposed to public scrutiny, and criticised accordingly.

Where do libertarians stand on LGBT rights?

Libertarians believe in tolerance and diversity, and thus, individuals should have the freedom to associate and disassociate as they so choose. Accordingly, society should abolish any laws criminalising consensual homosexual relations and should also legalise gay marriage.

This is why libertarians strongly oppose the Penal Code 377A in Singapore, which criminalises private homosexual relations. While it may not be actively enforced, the existence of such a law constitutes the threat of coercion over LGBT individuals. This is an injustice which should be reversed.